When The Rich Wage War, It's The Poor Who Die.


A collection of three unpublished plays, directed by John-Mark Reid. The collection include Grapeshot by Derek Martin, 5.56pm by Andre Reid and Heroes by Marie Nelson.


The plays take a look at life, death and destiny. Martin's Grapeshot takes a look at how your beliefs can influence your destiny and how the strength of these beliefs lead to martyrdom and terrorism. Reid's 5.56pm looks back on one man's final day on earth and how the actions he took through his life affected his destiny, as well as the continuing destiny of those he left behind. Finally, Nelson's Heroes, uses the fantasy genre to examine if it is possible to have control or impact on your own destiny. When the main character arrives to the finale of his quest early, he questions if he should stay and face his end or leave and continue to live.


The production toured The Kings Arms, Manchester, The Black Box Theatre at the University of  Cumbria, Lancaster and Korova Arts Cafe and Bar, Preston.




Tami - Anna-Louise Nixon

Rachael - Sophie Healey

Will - Jake Turner



Nick - Danny Cunningham



Geoffrey - Marcus Cristopherson

Clement - Harry Elletson

Rosalind - Alexandra Webb


Director - John-Mark Reid

Technical Support - Sam Almond


Poster and Programme Design - James Nevins