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Since 2014 we have been trying to create exciting and thorough productions which showcase our passion and integrity. Whilst doing this we have expanded our contact base which now includes writers from all over the world.

We are open and receptive to new scripts and projects and we will always do our very best to respond to anyone who has an idea or proposal for us.


Don't be strangers, get in touch, say hello.


'Just Plays' - A weekly gathering of likeminded creatives, for the sole purpose of reading and enjoying play texts.


'When the Rich Wage War, It's the Poor Who Die' : May 2014

(A collection of: 'Grapeshot' by Derek Martin, '5.56pm' by Andre Reid and 'Heroes' by Marie Lipscomb)

'Chapel Street' by Luke Barnes : November 2014

'Border Line' by Ruby Clarke : April 2015

'New Writing Competition' : Held over summer 2015

'Virtual Reality' by Maria de la Roche : April 2016

'Children of Cain' by Ron Burch : November 2016

'A Grey Divide' by Juan C. Sanchez : November 2017

'Pramkicker' by Sadie Hasler : July and September 2019

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"Postcard Theatre gave me a chance to remember why I love acting so much. With sharp direction and a clear vision, their productions are not only a treat for the audience, but for the cast and crew behind them" - Jake Turner, Actor, When The Rich Wage War, It's The Poor Who Die & Chapel Street

"Postcard Theatre has really helped me explore new acting styles and scripts, it's such a friendly company and I feel they have really helped me develop as an actor." -

Anna Jobarteh, Actor, Chapel Street