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"Working with Postcard Theatre has been nothing short of extraordinary. Not only are they committed to telling the story on the page; they’re also whip-smart in everything they do." - Juan C. Sanchez, Playwright, A Grey Divide

"As a young person in the industry, Postcard Theatre have taught me some extremely valuable things that I carry with me. The have especially made me appreciate how much detail is needed in a production to make it great" -

Jade Haslam, Production Assistant, Children of Cain & A Grey Divide


by Sadie Hasler


"Jude has always known she doesn't want kids. Her sister Susie isn't sure if her ovaries are twingeing or if she just needs a wee.

One day, in a café full of 'yummy mummies', Jude loses the plot and kicks a pram. Then gets arrested. Then gets sent to anger management. Susie goes along for the ride and uses the opportunity to confess a secret.
An unflinching look at what it means to be a modern woman, it was first performed at the Marlborough Theatre Brighton, in June 2015, starring Sarah Mayhew as Jude, and Sadie Hasler as Susie."



Jude - Coral Sinclair

Susie - Tilly Sutcliffe

Director - John-Mark Reid

Technical Support - Ellis Payne