Border Line

by Ruby Clarke

Postcard Theatre premiered this dark comedy, with a tour York, Manchester and Preston in April 2015

Chapel Street

by Luke Barnes

A comedy by Luke Barnes which was produced and performed in Preston in November 2014

"It's all just a grey area, one big grey area that's ruining my life"

Border Line by Ruby Clarke

Virtual Reality

by Maria de la Roche

A brand new piece of writing chosen from the 2015 new writing competition and toured Birmingham, Preston and Manchester in 2016

"You can blame me, if that makes you feel better, we always get the blame. Because it's much easier than any of us having to look at the much bigger picture."

Virtual Reality by Maria dela Roche

"You know sometimes when you're drinking, you feel a bit ill and you dread every swig, but you do it anyway because you want to get drunk?"

Chapel Street by Luke Barnes

Children of Cain

by Ron Burch

A collaborative effort, with the script written by LA based playwright Ron Burch, which premiered with a four night run in Manchester in 2016.

"It wasn't to protect us, it was to protect them. The rich people, what they used to call the 1%. It was to protect them from us."

Children of Cain by Ron Burch

When The Rich Wage War, It's The Poor Who Die

A collection of three plays, 'Grapeshot' by Derek Martin, '5.56pm' by Andre Reid and 'Heroes' by Marie Nelson. This production toured Manchester, Lancaster and Preston in May 2014

"Some people will claim that we're evil; but I know, and you know, that evil is just a point of view. I'm Angry. I'm Ready."

Grapeshot by Derek Martin

A Grey Divide

by Juan C. Sanchez

Another collaborative project, this time with Miami based playwright Ron Burch, which toured to Preston, Durham, Liverpool and Manchester in 2017.

"What I was born doesn’t really matter. What you think I am doesn’t matter. What’s important is who I’ve decided to become. The choice about how I live my life is mine. Only mine."

A Grey Divide by Juan C. Sanchez

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