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"Working with Postcard Theatre has been nothing short of extraordinary. Not only are they committed to telling the story on the page; they’re also whip-smart in everything they do." - Juan C. Sanchez, Playwright, A Grey Divide

"As a young person in the industry, Postcard Theatre have taught me some extremely valuable things that I carry with me. The have especially made me appreciate how much detail is needed in a production to make it great" -

Jade Haslam, Production Assistant, Children of Cain & A Grey Divide

Next Project in the Works

As it stands, we are currently working with Manchester based playwright Derek Martin on our next project.

While we don't have a timescale on the project, we anticipate producing the work in the latter part of 2020, we love the project and are very keen to ensure its quality and accuracy.

This project will see us return to a piece of new writing and we are very excited by the prospect.

Further information about the project and castings will be available in the coming months.