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"Working with Postcard Theatre has been nothing short of extraordinary. Not only are they committed to telling the story on the page; they’re also whip-smart in everything they do." - Juan C. Sanchez, Playwright, A Grey Divide

"As a young person in the industry, Postcard Theatre have taught me some extremely valuable things that I carry with me. The have especially made me appreciate how much detail is needed in a production to make it great" -

Jade Haslam, Production Assistant, Children of Cain & A Grey Divide


by Sadie Hasler

We are so excited to have reached an agreement with Sadie Hasler and Blake Friedmann for an extention for Sadie's script PRAMKICKER.

The initial run took place in July and toured to Durham, Preston and finished with our debut appearance at the Greater Manchester Fringe Festival. The reaction we received was outstanding and it led to this extention for a second run in September 2019.

The play? Well:

"Jude has always known she doesn't want kids. Her sister Susie isn't sure if her ovaries are twingeing or if she just needs a wee.

One day, in a café full of 'yummy mummies', Jude loses the plot and kicks a pram. Then gets arrested. Then gets sent to anger management. Susie goes along for the ride and uses the opportunity to confess a secret.
An unflinching look at what it means to be a modern woman, it was first performed at the Marlborough Theatre Brighton, in June 2015, starring Sarah Mayhew as Jude, and Sadie Hasler as Susie."

This production is directed by regular Postcard Theatre director John-Mark Reid and in addition, we are delighted to have the cast of Tilly Sutcliffe in the role of Susie and Coral Sinclair in the role of Jude. Both actors graduated from the Academy of Live and Recorded Art and have been developing their careers before coming on board with us at Postcard Theatre for this project.

The second show run will be playing at:

The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts - Tues 17th Sept 2019

The Kings Arms, Manchester - Weds 18th & Thurs 19th Sept 2019

Todmoden Hippodrome - Saturday 21st Sept 2019

The showing at ALRA North is a closed performance, exclusive for the students of that institution. The appearance at the Todmorden Hippodrome includes a 1.30pm matinee and an 8pm evening performance.

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