Children of Cain by Ron Burch


The play is a post-apocolyptic look at friendship and loyalty in desperate situations as we follow Blake, Ryder and Jen in their bid to survive The Strain, avoid the Military Police Units and uncover the truth.

Playwright Ron Burch is an LA based playwright, represents our first opportunity to work with someone based outside of the UK. Ron is arguably best known for writing the 2005 film "Yours, Mine and Ours" or as the executive producer on DreamWorks Animation Dinotrux. In addition to these he was Emmy nominated for his song "You Don't Know Jack" and has won numerous awards for his short plays, many of which have since been published. It has been a great privilege to work alongside Ron on this project.



Blake - Danny Almond

Ryder - Matthew Fordy

Jen - Keri Bastiman


Director - John-Mark Reid

Production Assistant - Jade Haslam

Technical Support - Mike Kerr


Poster and Programme Design - James Nevins