"Chapel Street was a great opportunity for me, I got to try things I had never tried before and had such a fun time in the process. The memories of this production and process will stay with me forever" -

Anna Jobarteh, Actor, Chapel Street

REVIEW: Chapel Street

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“Chapel Street”

Korova Arts Bar - 19th November 2014


First things first…..the arts bar is looking pretty good these days. A lot more inviting and respectable for its arty audience. Loving it!

My first viewing of Postcard Theatres work but not my first time seeing work directed by John-Mark Reid. I have to say I had high hopes having loved some of his previous work. ‘Breathing Corpses’ will always have a special place in my heart.

Chapel Street was a great concept with a clever juxtaposition of text and action. A clever overlap and collision of lives and characters. I liked the simple yet effective framing device and minimalistic set. This kept the transitions of the scenes straight forward and text led. The actors engaged with the set to shape it for us as the audience and take us on their journey through their nights.

Anna Jobareth played Kirsty. A big fan of Anna as I have scene her perform before at Preston College, a budding talent. Her performance of Kirsty was controlled and demanding but I felt that both the energy and objectives of the role were inconsistent. I would say that Kirsty needed more of the youthful energy to her presence and that for each section clearer trains of thought needed to be established. Anna is a hard worker though and this I have seen in all her work. Jake Turner played Joe. A nice energetic performance with clear focus and control. He was great with his timing and delivered the humour of the role with a casual nature. Jake had made some clear decisions and set his intentions for the role – a disciplined performance. A real actor developing his craft.

I look forward to seeing more of John-Mark's work as once again he has shaped a piece of art. I think this piece is one that will evolve as it tours and moves from venue to venue. Finding new energy and insight.

I would give the whole piece 4/5 stars and I look forward to seeing more of Postcard Theatres work and their rising stars.