Chapel Street by Luke Barnes



"You know sometimes when you're drinking, you feel a bit ill and you dread every swig, but you do it anyway because you want to get drunk?"


He's been let down, belittled and ignored but tonight none of that matters, it's Friday and Joe is getting smashed. Kirsty has bought some vodka on the way home from school and is hastily shaving her legs with her friend's dad's razor. As bottles are drained and the sun sets, the two hit the town, neither aware that soon their lives will irreconcilably collide. It is a sharp yet compassionate portrait of good times gone bad for a betrayed generation.

The production had a successful run at Korova Cafe and Arts Bar, Preston in November 2014, receiving a 4/5* review from a North West reviewer.



Kirsty - Anna Jobarteh

Joe - Jake Turner


Director - John-Mark Reid

Technical Support - Danny Bickerton


Poster and Programme Design - James Nevins