"Working with Postcard Theatre was a positive, professional and thoroughly enjoyable experience. Theatre produced at it's best in a creative environment for the actors and the wider company. They're a company to watch out for." -

Amey Woodhall, Actor, Border Line

REVIEW: Border Line

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“Border Line”

The Kings Arms Theatre, Salford, Tuesday 7th April 2015


Postcard Theatre invited me down to the Kings Arms Salford last night to watch their third official production, 'Border Line'. The play follows the story of Claire (played by Jenny Owen), and her troubled move to a new job, and hence new set of people to deal with. She keeps on contact with old friend Jackie (Amey Woodhall), who helps her through a tough time with new colleague Stella (Julia Walsh). We watch as control slips from her innocent hands and into an irreversible mess.

On arrival, we had a simplistic bland-looking cream and beige set. A dash of Natasha Bedingfield and the show begins. At first, the dialogue is light and humorous as we're introduced to the all-female cast. Owen's depiction of the modern-day English teacher is good, although dated. (Working in an English department was useful here!), and similarly Woodhall's PE teacher somewhat stereotypical. It didn't matter though, because the acting made up for it and created a further dimension to their characters. Walsh's manic portrayal of the more off-the-wall tea snob was superbly crafted, and lifted the comedy at the beginning of the show. Sadly, however, the story lost 'oomph' and began to get lethargic. Despite sterling performances and excellent precision, I was distracted.

John-Mark Reid did a very good job of direction with a difficult script. Claire's dramatic monologue and turns of character were done perfectly and credit to both actress and Reid for getting these things spot on.

Overall, story- weak; acting and direction- excellent.

Worth a see!




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