As Postcard Theatre, we are a fringe theatre company based in the North West of England.

We formed in 2014 with each production increasing our reputation. We are passionate and dedicated to producing good theatre.

We aim to produce new, exciting and entertaining theatre whilst providing a platform for emerging talent.

"Postcard Theatre take the good, honest work from playwrights and turn it into great performances" -

Andre Reid, Playwright, 5.56pm

"Being part of Postcard Theatre has shown me exactly how I always want to work. The final product is just the tip of the iceberg, after a process full of so much care and attention to detail. Postcard Theatre will always be close to my heart." -

Anna-Louise Gregson, Actor, When The Rich Wage War, It's The Poor Who Die

When the Rich Wage War,

It's the Poor Who Die

Our first production, "When The Rich Wage War, It's The Poor Who Die" successfully toured Manchester, Lancaster and Preston in May 2014, gaining 4.5/5 starts from a North West theatre reviewer. This was a combination of three short scripts by local playwrights: 'GRAPESHOT' by Derek Martin, '5.56PM' by Andre Reid and 'HEROES' by Marie Nelson.


Take a look below at the performers and creatives who have worked with Postcard Theatre over our various productions.