A Grey Divide by Juan C. Sanchez


The play centres around Anna-Maria and Jason, both in their mid-late 30s,

as they desperately cling to the fragile connection that exists between them, too scared to contemplate the alternative.

The project has been a fantastic success for the company. Not only did we debut in Durham to a fantastic reception, we also appeared in the National Youth Theatre's member magazine as one of the Top 10 Must See projects. From there the production also appeared on The Greater Manchester Theatre Reviwer's best shows of 2017 run down, appearing at number 39.

The script represented our second project working with a

playwright based in the USA and it was an absolute delight to work with Juan

over the production period.

The script, was written by Juan in partnership with Miami Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs’ Playwright Development Program and first came to our attention through our playwright competition in 2015



Anna-Maria - Marcella Hazel

Jason - Neil Procter


Director - John-Mark Reid

Producer - Kate Portman

Production Assistant - Jade Haslam


Poster and Programme Design - Harry Elletson Photography